Wednesday Worship

meeting gathering

Wednesdays 5:30 pm

Join us as we study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians. He writes from
prison while awaiting his trail before Caesar, knowing his death is
immanent. But, even in the face of this adversity Paul writes to his
Philippians brothers and sisters about his joy in remembering them
and their work for the gospel. His story gives us encouragement and
strength to face our everyday life with joy in Jesus Christ.
All are welcome to join us for Wednesday Worship (formerly
Come-as-you-are Worship). Bring a friend as well as a dish to pass to our
Pot Luck Dinners, which begin at 5:30pm followed by Bible Study and
Compline. We finish by 7:00pm. We will take a break for
Thanksgiving on November 21 and will finish our study of Philippians on
December 13. Our final Wednesday Worship for 2018 will be a Christmas
Dinner Party on December 20.

Philippian Chapters
October      24         1:1-18a
October      31         1:18b-30
November   7          2:1-11
November  14        2:12-30
November  21        No WW
November  28        3
December    5         4:1-9
December   12        4:10-23
December   19        Christmas Dinner
December   26        No WW