Church Renovation

May 16
The wiring for the new speakers and interior painting is complete. The plaques  were cleaned, polished and reinstalled.

April 29
As we heard on Sunday – there has been more asbestos found in the church building – so no one except the contractors for that removal are allowed in the building until further notice.  As soon as we get the “all clear” we will let you know
Please continue to pray for the completion of all these projects and for the funds to be made available to accomplish all that is needed.
Thank you for your continued cooperation as we face this ongoing battle!
Worship continues in the Parish Hall, Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.

April 2
Repair & Restoration Update: So as you can see by the photo, good things are happening but in the midst of the good things we discovered more asbestos. See that pink stuff on the stairs and in the chancel/sanctuary? Asbestos. This means another 2 week wait until it is removed and the church deemed clear of the asbestos dust. At that point we will be able to see what is underneath it and determine if we need more restoration work before having the carpet laid. Then, Mike from MB Millwork will move in and prep the nave floor for the tile installation. Little by little step by step the Lord is leading this repair and restoration of our beautiful little church here in Lake George. May He grant us the patience and fortitude to trust Him all along the way!Our restoration and repairs continue. Painters should finish Tuesday and Plumbers on Wednesday. Then, we move on to repairs in the subfloor followed by installation of the vinyl planks. In the meantime, the plaques will be cleaned and reinstalled.

January 2018
Just after wishing you all a Happy New Year, we discovered the pipes had burst in the church. Hmmm. Every single radiator now needs replacing. Hmmm again. Thankfully God put in place leadership who are more than able to tend to this challenge. Phyllis Foster and Susan Joseph are doing a wonderful job and yesterday at worship (yes! we still had worship but in the Parish Hall) Scott Cudney saw this challenge as a blessing. Here is a time for us to come together and work together and face this time together with thankfulness to God. The first thing to do is to keep gathering for worship and then he asked us to come up with ideas for paying the $1,000 deductible as it was definitely not in the budget. Pray about it and let us know your ideas! Until then stay warm and give thanks.

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