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First Sunday in Advent

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Our Lives Multiply by Giving Them Away

Today the world would have us get out and buy, buy, buy. Instead, start the Advent season by giving yourself away. Here is today’s thought from Henri Nouwen:Our Lives Multiply by Giving Them AwayThe fruitfulness of our little life, once we recognize it and live it as the life of the Beloved, is beyond anything we can imagine. One of the greatest…

Christmas Shoeboxes

We need toothbrushes for the Christmas Shoeboxes! On Sunday, November 17 we will load up and send the Christmas Shoeboxes. Please pick up a few small games or toys or a couple toothbrushes to send along. No time to shop? Adopt a shoebox by paying for postage, $9.00 per box. Give a check or cash to Jackie Bovair or Tiffany Tucker. Deadline for…

Holy Yok-ah

Holy Yoga has a new name! Holy Yok-ah is a blend of isotonic and isometric exercises that will strengthen while increasing flexibility. Join us for Chair Yok-ah on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am in Tuttle Hall. Suggested donation $10 but not required .


STATIONS OF THE CROSS     Starting February 21st  Come join us for Stations of the Cross every Wednesday during Lent. Starting at 5:30 with a light supper, we will discuss the meaning of The Way of the Cross and how we can deepen our faith by following Jesus through his last days. Ask questions please contact Deacon Barb

Lent Madness

Turn in your Lent Madness Bracket:  Pick up your Lent Madness bracket in the Parish Hall, choose the saints you thing will win each bracket, and then watch the bracket in the Parish Hall to see if you have chosen the next Golden Halo Winner! Prizes awarded at the end of Lent.