We need you

Please will you consider helping with one of these chores that help keep St. James’ “household” running smoothly? For any one of these chores, one person may do it every week or one person may put together a team to take turns.

Please consider helping by

 Every other Tuesday our trash and recycling needs to be taken out to the bins and the bins taken to the alley curb.

 Every Friday or Saturday the church needs to be lightly dusted and vacuumed to make ready for Sunday worship. Kit Huggard has done this faithfully (thank you Kit!) but she leaves at the end of this week for southern climates until late spring.

 Every Friday or Saturday flowers need to be purchased for Sunday worship.

Please speak to Mtr. Jean if you are able to help with any of these chores even for a short time. Thank you

Holy Yok-ah chases away the winter blues!

Yes, it’s true! The exercise of worship in Holy Yok-ah releases oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and relaxants into your system … all the good stuff your body makes to keep you in health and peace! Join us Wednesday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 am.

20 + C + M + B + 20

Chalking the Door is a Christian Epiphany tradition for blessing the home. Pick up a House Blessing satchel from the Information Table in Tuttle Hall to bless your home yourself or arrange a time for Mtr. Jean to come to bless your home. Please return the satchel to the Information Table to keep them available for anyone to use during the Epiphany Season.

Cookie Monsters Needed

… to sign up for Coffee Fellowship. Simply bring a plate of cookies or pan of muffins to go with our tea and coffee after worship. Please sign up at the Information Table in Tuttle Hall.

Children’s Church

Miss Tina needs you! Our Children’s Chapel leadership needs a second pair of hands to help on Sunday mornings. Please sign up at the Information Table in Tuttle Hall or speak to Dcn. Barb or Tina Mitchell today!

Thank You

Big Thank You to everyone who pitched in to help change our church from Christmas to Epiphany. God bless you and show you favor for this service!


Service leaflet announcements are due in the office by Tuesday evening.