Fill up Today

A couple of weeks ago I was out running errands. It was a Tuesday and saw that gas was $2.48 a gallon. I passed it by thinking I would wait to fill up over the weekend. Bad idea. By Friday the price had jumped to $2.68! What happened between Tuesday and Thursday to increase 20 cents?! The next week it was at $2.58 and today as I drove through Warrensburg it was back up ... $2.79. ... I thought to myself ... up and down, up and down, never staying steady. Immediately, I heard the encouragement of the Holy Spirit whisper ... but I AM. God's help is always FREE! He is always available to fill us up with whatever we need: strength for the day ahead, solutions to obstacles, grace for healing, love for saving, joy for sharing ... the list goes on ... and it's all FREE. Stop by the pump of His Word and be filled. Take a moment to fill up in prayer. Share with someone who needs to know that God's love and grace and joy and peace is always available and always FREE. Fill up today.