Holy Week

Holy Week at St. James Church in Lake George

With our hearts full of hope and assurance of life, we are planning our Holy Week services to be online live or pretaped.  We will use facebook live for our streaming services and will post the pretaped services on facebook and youtube.  Below is a list of services and links to our service leaflets.

Morning Prayer, Monday thru Friday 

8:30 am         Facebook Live

Palm Sunday Sunday April 5

9:00 am     Facebook Live

                       Service Leaflet

Maundy Thursday, April 9


7:00 pm        Facebook Live

                           Service Leaflet   

Good Friday, April 10

Noon              Stations of the Cross  (Prerecorded)

7:00 pm         Stations of the Cross  (Prerecorded)

Easter Vigil, April 11

8:00 pm         Lighting of the Easter Fire & Easter Vigil

                          (Facebook Live Stream)

Resurrection Sunday, April 12


6:30 am        Sunrise Celebration    (weather permitting it will be                              streamed Live on Facebook)

9:00 am        Resurrection Celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ                                  (Facebook Live Stream)

                           Service Leaflet